Well Woman Exam Specialists

Well woman visits are designed to take the unique health needs of women into account, providing skilled care based on a woman’s needs at every stage of her life. Located in Greenacres, FL, and serving Lake Worth and all of Palm Beach County, Elite Gyn Care of the Palm Beaches provides comprehensive well woman exams to help patients enjoy optimal health at every age.

Well Woman Exam

What is a Well Woman visit?

Well Woman visits are office visits and exams that include many of the same evaluations and assessments as a general physical exam as well as assessments geared toward the specific needs of women. Women’s medical and health needs can vary significantly at different stages of life, and they can also different from the health needs of men. Well Woman exams take these differences into account to help ensure women receive optimized care for their needs at every age, from puberty through menopause. Plus, gynecologists who offer Well Woman visits are skilled in identifying the early warning signs of disease which can often be very different from the signs and symptoms exhibited by men.

What happens during a Well Woman visit?

Well Woman exams begin with a personal and family medical history to identify potential risk factors for diseases, followed by a review of any current concerns. Height, weight and blood pressure will be measured and recorded before the physical exam begins. The doctor will listen to the heart and lungs, gently palpate the belly, and perform a clinical breast exam. A pelvic exam and Pap test or HPV test may also be performed, and lab work may be ordered during the exam or beforehand. Throughout the exam, the patient will have a chance to ask questions and the doctor will provide treatment recommendations and lifestyle guidance to help the patient enjoy optimal health and wellness.

How often should I see the gynecologist?

Most women should see their gynecologist every year, just like a “regular” physical exam. Annual exams help ensure diseases or medical conditions are caught in their early stages so they can be treated, and they also provide an ongoing record of health to make it easier to “spot” important changes. Plus, annual visits ensure vital health screenings are performed on a timely basis, and they also provide patients with a chance to ask questions about their health and their lifestyle that can help them enjoy the best possible health as they get older.