Sex Education Specialists

At Elite GYN Care of the Palm Beaches, we offer sex education and therapy aimed at helping women, men and couples in Greenacres, FL, Lake Worth, FL and all of Palm Beach County take control of their lives and their health. If you have a question or concern, our medical team is ready to help.

Sex Education & Therapy

What type of sex education services do you offer?

Sex is often referred to as a “natural” activity, but in fact, sex is complex act that’s largely learned through our experiences. Improving our knowledge of sex and sexual health through sexual education and sex therapy can significantly improve the sexual experience at every stage of life. At Elite GYN Care of the Palm Beaches, we believe in educating patients about their overall health and wellness as well as their sexual health so patients are better able to enjoy satisfactory sexual intimacy in their partnered relationships. Our team helps patients understand the reasons for sexual dysfunction, low libido, relationship boredom and arousal difficulties, while also helping them avoid sexually-transmitted diseases and choose a birth control method that suits their needs and their lifestyles. In addition, we help our patients understand the steps they can take in their relationships to improve their sexual enjoyment and increase their levels of personal intimacy.

Do you offer sex therapy?

We do offer sex therapy services for women, men and couples and we can also provide referrals to psychotherapists, urologists and pelvic floor therapists when needed to address more complex issues that can take a toll on sexual desire, performance and gratification, as well as issues like risky behaviors or sexual compulsions.

What is sexual medicine?

Sexual medicine refers to all the treatments and care options for issues affecting sexual performance and sexual health, including treatments aimed at increasing sexual desire, orgasm, arousal, improving intimacy, relieving pain during and after intercourse, and improving sexual health and wellness. The goal of sex medicine is to help women and men understand their own sexuality and create a sex life that’s more satisfying by addressing underlying medical and psychological issues.

Do you offer sex education for teen patients?

Yes. The teen years are a time when significant hormonal changes take place, and many young women are left with plenty of questions and even fears about what’s going on in their bodies and in their personal relationships. At our practice, we create an atmosphere of trust and confidentiality so patients can feel relaxed discussing their concerns and asking questions. We provide them with objective guidance and education about the issues that concern them, including questions about sexual activity, STDs, sexual identity and specific symptoms they may be experiencing. Our team works hard to create a cooperative and supportive relationship between teens and their parents to help each patient receive the care she needs to feel confident in her health and her sexuality.