Low Libido Specialists

Low libido can affect women at any age, but it’s especially prevalent during menopause and even after pregnancy. Elite GYN Care of the Palm Beaches offers innovative treatment approaches for low libido and sexual dysfunction, helping women in Greenacres, FL, as well as Lake Worth, FL and throughout Palm Beach County receive the treatment they need to improve their overall quality of life.

Low Libido

What causes low libido?

Generally speaking, libido refers to sexual health and wellness, which in turn can have a major effect on overall physical and emotional health. The libido can be affected by many factors, including hormone levels, stress, relationship or family problems, work-related or financial problems, depression and chronic illness. Long-term use of some medications or medical treatments can also take a toll on sexual health. Many women find they have a low libido because sexual activity is painful, usually due to an underlying issue like vaginal dryness or structural problems like “shallow vagina.” Determining the causes of low libido is the first step in treating any type of sexual dysfunction.

How does pregnancy affect libido?

During pregnancy, hormonal fluctuations are common, and these changes in hormone levels can play a big role in a woman’s interest in sex both during pregnancy and afterward. Following delivery, hormones can take some time to return to normal levels and many women find themselves tired and distracted by their new responsibilities of motherhood. Women who experience a diminished interest in sex following pregnancy should report these issues to their gynecologist so they can be tested for other issues that could be playing a role and receive lifestyle guidance and other care as needed.

How is sexual dysfunction treated?

That depends on the underlying cause of dysfunction. Many women including women approaching menopause or in menopause respond to vaginal creams aimed at restoring vaginal lubrication and relieving pain and inflammation, or bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (HRT) that adjusts hormone levels systemically with pills, patches or implants. Other times, treatment will focus on treating an underlying disease like thyroid dysfunction or surgical correction of an abnormality that can make intercourse painful. When emotional or psychological issues play a role, couples counseling can help. Regardless of the underlying cause, treatment of sexual dysfunction and low libido begins with an office visit to discuss symptoms so appropriate testing can be ordered for an accurate diagnosis.